How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website

How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website
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Get an Ecommerce Website that will 20x your sales online.

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This Article (How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website) Whether you know it or not, the e-commerce space is expanding at an exponential rate which none of us has ever seen before! The number of goods and services being purchased online has increased 20x in the last 5 years.

As a matter of fact, a study shows that the e-commerce industry has risen to a 4.28-trillion US dollar industry and it is estimated to grow into 5.4 trillion US dollars by 2022. If you have not taken your store online or you have a poorly designed online store, you are missing out on your share of the 4.28 trillion dollars fast-growing industry.

This article will show you exactly how you can have me and my team create an appealing, professional, and high converting online store and in the end scale your online sales to 6-7 figures on autopilot…. (See Pricing below)

How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website

Hello, I am Femi, I run a Nigeria-based Web design agency called Fimgotech. My team and I have helped a lot of business owners grow their businesses online and increase their profit by building a super professional and highly converting website. This has also increased their reach and automate their business operations.

Here is what most people do not understand about online sales, in order to scale up and sell more, you must go through three important stages (Pay attention to number 3).

  1. The first step is to have a product or service that people are willing to pay for because it solves their problems: You must have a product that actually solves a problem, a HOT PRODUCT that people are seriously hungry for. This is the first step to have massive success in scaling your store into 6 – 7 figures in sales.
  2. The second step is quite important, identify your ideal audience and create a marketing strategy that suits your audience. For example, if you sell beauty and makeup kits, your ideal audience will be women between the age of 18 to 45. And you can find them mostly on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. This will help you achieve focused marketing.

The rest of this article will be about step 3 (getting an e-commerce website that will actually 20x your sales) and how I can create the perfect online store for you.

  • How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website
  • How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website
  • How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website
  • How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website
  • How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website

Before I dive in, Remember this article titles “How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website” it is important to mention that if you currently have a store and it is not bringing you as many sales as you desired, then you have a poorly designed e-commerce website. Most developers do not understand what it takes to create a successful online store. They ignore all-important user experience, marketing, and branding variables that significantly impact the success of the Website or web application.

I strongly believe that web design generally should be a well-coordinated choreographic dance between branding, marketing experts, and web developers. Understand this, Developers are good at execution, but we have to be certain that they are executing what the market will respond to.

Do you know that something as simple as your website font and color can be the determinant of the success or failure of your online store? There are colors that inspire the buyers to take action! That is why most BUY NOW buttons are green.

We partnered with one of the best brand strategists in Nigeria (Mr. Henry Dada) and we have helped a lot of businesses to dominate their niche online (Physical Products, Digital Products, Membership Plans e.t,c).

Ecommerce Website would help in promoting your brands a lot that’s why How to increase your sales by 20x with an Ecommerce website

Here is the process we will follow when we start your e-commerce project:

  • You will schedule a Live meeting with me where I understand your business need, provide insight, and suggest the right strategy based on my experience and expertise
  • The outcome of our meeting will be wrapped into a comprehensive project proposal with the estimated budget clearly stated.
  • The branding and marketing experts will carry out market and competitor research in your niche and gather useful data required to collaborate with the design team to build out your online store.
  • The project development timeframe is 2 – 3 weeks after the initial payment has been made by the client.
  • After the development and project testing phase, it is time to finally launch your successful online store.

All the above steps have been tested over and over again and they are guaranteed to be successful. You will have access to a private client’s dashboard on Fimgotech Solution’s website where you can track your new online store’s progress every step of the way.

Let me show you a case study!

Hyshield  is an Electrical sales company that focuses on selling all electrical products. They sell solars, bulbs, street lights, lamp lights, indoor and outdoor lights, battries and many moreproducts.

When the founder of Hyshield reached out to Fimgotech Solution, He just wanted a platform where people can purchase his product with a debit/credit card. Our branding and marketing experts figured out that the best way to easily scale his sales to hundreds of thousands is to create informative contents that will attract his ideal audience. Apart from the e-commerce functionality, we added a blog where he can publish SEO-optimized posts relevant to his audience and convert them into loyal fans and customers. We suggested the idea of adding a coupon for first-time store visitors to motivate them to take action and buy (See Pictures below).


Here is how to get started

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